Digital Competency Assessment (DiCA)

What is DiCA?

DiCA is a tool which enables women entrepreneurs to evaluate their capacity gaps in applying ICT for business development and management. It is intended to assess basic ICT skills, ICT usage for general and business purposes, and ICT mindset. Based on the result, women entrepreneurs will be introduced to available ICT learning programmes to help them further enhance their ICT competency.

Support to the first two areas will be provided by WIFI training workshop with the modules. But there should be further opportunities to develop ICT skills of women or women entrepreneurs.

Objectives of DiCA

  • Enable women and women entrepreneurs to measure their current (and baseline) ICT literacy
  • Enable women entrepreneurs to assess their ICT usage for business management purpose
  • Guide women entrepreneurs to online learning programmes to improve specific ICT skills to become more competitive entrepreneurs

Please note DiCA is currently undergoing development. Please visit this page again in the near future for further updates.