Take a closer look at what we offer

All the e-learning courses on APCICT Virtual Academy are free-of-charge. They are structured into several sessions. The format is flexible and allows learners to work on lessons at a pace and time convenient to them. Each session consists of the following:

  • Video lectures synchronized with Presentations (PPT)
  • Session summaries
  • Downloadable learning resources (PPT and Academy Manuscripts)
  • Glossary
  • Self Assessment Quizzes/Reviews; Final Test for each module to ensure that learners have studied the content and can demonstrate an ability to recall important terms and concepts.

Key features

APCICT Virtual Academy provides all necessary e-learning functions along with the following additional key features.

  • View sample available courses, course descriptions and other necessary details
  • Search glossary for terms
  • View content of the courses
  • Download the content of the courses for offline viewing
  • Take quizzes in order to pass each step and the courses
  • Access a help function on how courses function, how to enroll and other functionalities of APCICT Virtual Academy
  • Email the APCICT Virtual Academy administrator on any issue or inquiry related to the learning and request for DVD-ROM version

Course material

  • Author's video lectures synchronized with learning elements
  • Summary that captures the key ideas discussed in the courses
  • Self-evaluation quiz with a chance to gain e-certificates by scoring over 80%

Electronic certificates are issued to those who successfully complete the courses. APCICT Virtual Academy monitors the progress of each learner and automatically makes the final test available when the learner completes viewing all the session pages.

Once the user achieves a score of 80% correct responses on the final test of an individual module, APCICT Virtual Academy will automatically make an electronic version of certificate available for download. Learners who complete all eleven modules of Academy Programme will receive by email the Certificate of Completion of the programme.