APCICT Virtual Academy

APCICT's strategy in diversifying its delivery channels to maximise access to the course materials

The APCICT Virtual Academy, an online distance learning platform launched in June 2009, is part of the multi-channel delivery mechanism that APCICT employs in the implementation of its flagship ICT for development (ICTD) capacity building programmes, “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders” (Academy), “Primer Series on ICTD for Youth” (Primer Series), "Women ICT Frontier Initiative" (WIFI), and “Knowledge Sharing Series” (KSS), which aim to equip government officials, youth, and educators with the essential knowledge and skills they need to fully leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) to achieve national development goals.

Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders

The Academy is the flagship programme of UN-APCICT and is designed to equip government officials with the knowledge and skills to fully leverage ICT for socio-economic development. Currently, 11 Academy modules are available in 16 languages, with new training modules and more translations underway to meet the ICT capacity needs of ESCAP member and associate-member States.

Primer Series on ICTD for Youth

The Primer Series aims to serve as a tool to help educators fill the gap in ICTD coverage in universities. It is composed of multiple issues addressing a range of topics in ICTD. This series is intended for students from both technical and non-technical backgrounds, and is flexible enough for use in different national contexts.

Women ICT Frontier Initiative

The Women ICT Frontier Initiative (WIFI) flagship programme aims to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Asia and the Pacific through enhancing capabilities of women entrepreneurs in ICT and entrepreneurship so that they and their enterprises can become more productive, and hopefully grow and be sustainable so that they can actively contribute to community development as well as to the local and national economy.

Knowledge Sharing Series

The KSS was developed as a result of a strong demand by APCICT's partners for thematic learning materials that can offer a practical, action-oriented insight into the broad ICTD-policy framework provided by the Academy modules. The specific contents covered in the KSS include step-by-step guidelines, concrete strategies, best practices, and case studies.

APCICT Virtual Academy allows learners to access online courses designed to enhance their knowledge in a number of key areas of ICTD including utilizing the potential of ICTs for reaching out to remote communities, increasing access to information, improving delivery of services, promoting lifelong learning, and ultimately, bridging the digital divide and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

All APCICT Virtual Academy courses are characterized by easy-to-follow virtual lectures, slides and quizzes. Users who successfully complete the Academy courses are rewarded with APCICT’s certificate of completion. All Academy modules, four issues of the Primer Series, and two series of KSS are available in English. Localized versions of the Academy modules are also available in Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese. In addition, plans for more content development and further localization are underway.


  • trainers will be able to download and customize training materials, and
  • learners will be able to take each module as self-paced/self-study online courses

It is designed to ensure that all the Academy modules are easily accessible anywhere in the world for download, re-use, customization and translation.

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Quotes on APCICT Virtual Academy (AVA)

AVA has broadened my knowledge and it has given me the necessary skills and experience in understanding, seeing, and utilizing ICT for development purposes.