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Academy Module on ICT for Disaster Risk Management

The module is designed to promote a framework for matching available technology with disaster risk management processes and to provide examples of a range of ICT applications already implemented in different places in Asia. 

Lecturer: Gabrielle Iglesias
Length:  2 hours /  9 sessions

Academy Module on an Overview of ICTs and Sustainable Development

This module is intended to provide a broad overview and introduce key points for using ICTs for the development of more sustainable, inclusive and resilient economies and societies. The module is divided into four sections. The first section provides an overview of sustainable development and the SDGs. The second section introduces current ICT trends. The third section explores, through a discussion of selected case studies, ICT applications to achieve each SDG, and the fourth section looks at ways ICTs are integrated into national development policies and plans to achieve the SDGs.

Academy Module on Social Media, Development and Governance

This module aims to define social media and describe the various kinds of social media; raise awareness among policymakers and government officials of how social media affects society; describe best practices in the use of social media to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals; develop understanding of the role of social media in governance and discuss its implication for national policy and program formulation; and produce a capacity development resource that can help bridge the knowledge gap between the effective use of social media in development and governance.

Академия ИКТ для Лидеров Государственного Управления - "Осуществление Государственного Управления на Основе Данных" (Russian)

Данный модуль, предназначенный для государственных служащих в развивающихся странах, призван помочь им понять управление на основе данных и использовать управление на основе данных в своих юрисдикциях.

Academy Module - Realizing Data-Driven Governance

This module, designed for government officials in developing countries, aims to help them understand data-driven governance - the intensive and extensive use of data in how societies organize to define and achieve their common future - and assist them in using data-driven governance in their jurisdictions. Lecturer: Emmanuel C. Lallana Length: 1.5 hours / 7 Sessions